New girl (almost) in town

So, hello everybody. There’s something I must tell you: I’m not writing for you, readers. The fact is I’m studying english in order to pass IELTS exams and fly to Dublin for a research program. Really hard, hum? But I’m so ambitious (or perhaps so stupid) I wanna try. So, here we are: I start writing this blog in order to improve my english skills. I’ll write books and movies reviews and everything about my everyday life, my dreams, my cat, my house… everything. I’ve said that I’m writing for myself only, but perhaps it’s not completely true. I’m writing also because I know there’s someone just like me, out there: someone who’s studying, trying, reading, doing his best in order to get what he/she wants. If you’re the one out there, say hello! Welcome to my sad, sad world.

Ah! D’u wanna know the reason of this blog’s name? I’m redhead, but the truth is I tied my hair. You know that really a lot of Irish people are redhead – for real. I’m Italian and tied-redhead, they’re Irish and truly-redhead. I’m Italian and I want to study in Ireland. So… understood the link?

But I’ve written too much. See you tomorrow with some reviews or, perhaps, a little more of my delirious thought. Goodnight!





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