Autumn, love of my heart


I love seasons. I love the way they follow one another just like they’re dancing with no rest. Every season has its meaning and its power and that’s the reason why I really can’t stand people saying “I can’t wait for summer/fall/winter to come”. Just live. Live what it’s meant to be lived. Live summer and dive into the sea, have fun on the beach, take a perfect tun, organize a bonfire party at night. And then, when all that arrives to an end, don’t regret it. A new season is come and it has to be lived. I believe in the circle of life and I believe in nature and That’s why I think that each season has to be appreciated just The way it is. It’s fall, guys. Let’s cook pumpkins, drink hot tea, read a new Book in bed. Let’s take life The way it is. And here it comes The pouring rain to wash summer away. And here it comes Halloween with its wonderful opportunity to be a child again. Let’s wear orange and brown dresses, Let’s change The iTunes playlist. Life is a dance with no rest, so Let’s dance ‘til The end.



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