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The neverending story by Michael Ende


When I started reading this book, I was just like “Why haven’t I read this before, when I was younger?”. Later, I’ve thanked my usual way of procrastinating because I just realized that this book can reach its full potential when it’s read by adults. It’s not only a fantasy story for young readers, but a complicated and fascinating novel about human nature, desires, love and aims. The first part of the book focuses on the importance of names, because truth hides in the possibility of giving things their real name, while lies work the other way round. Instead, the second part is dedicated to the real meaning and power of desires. In the end, the last part tells us about our relationship with nature, both intended in the biological and pshycological senses.
This book is so amazing to be read and so important to be “studied” that it probably is one of the main masterpieces of our time. It has to be read twice: when you’re young, in order to amuse yourself, and when you’re a grown-up, in order to understand it.


A book, a girl, an email


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I promised I’d have been writing a post everyday, but yesterday I passed and I don’t even know why. Okay, it’s not true, I know why: I’ve passed all day reading a book written by a friend of mine, one of my best ones. He’s a writer, even if he hasn’t published his works yet, and I really love him and so it’s my duty and pleasure to read his drafts. I forgot to say I’m an editor, so this is my work, after all. I’ve been reading all day long and the book has really captured me. It’s wonderful and it has to be published and I’ll do everything I can to make it possible.

Coming back to the main topic: I’ve received the email I was waiting for. It’s from the Irish university I wish to apply to, and I’m really happy they have answered me. Now, I know what to do next:

  • translating my research in english and make someone check it
  • contacting a hypothetical supervisor
  • contacting someone at the Italian Studies

Okay, so that’s all. I’ve a direction to follow, and that’s GREAT. Now, I’ll go back reading my Book of Spells by Kate Brian. I wish I can tell you more about it soon.