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Do things before you’re ready


I’m not disappeared into a puffed, light-blue cloud. It’s just that my IELTS test is approaching and I’m just… panicking. I can write, yes, I think I can do it. And I can read and listen to the records (although the latter makes me incredibly anxious). But the speaking? That’s my real problem. Speaking is something you usually practice with English-speaking people, but I live in Italy and it’s not so easy to find someone who can talk to you in a foreign language and, most of all, who WANTS to spend his time with you like that. So, I’m panicking. I don’t know if I can pass this exam and I don’t know if I’ve the necessary skills. Apart from that, life goes on as usual. I spend my mornings playing the piano in conservatory (I should graduate next year) and I’m perfectionning my PhD research proposal. I’m reading Brave New World by Aldous Huxley (we’ll have time to talk about that) and I’m trying to reduce the pile of magazines standing on the floor like a paper tower. Most of all, I’m writing. I’ve subscribed to the #NaNoWriMo and I’m writing my novel-in-a-month. This year I’m writing into Italian language, but I’ve sweared that next year I’ll try to do it in English. Can I do that? I don’t know but, as wise people say, “do things before you’re ready”.


November fair


Here where I live, in this little town in the south of Italy, November is the month with the highest number of fairs. It starts with a big fair in a little town next to mine and it goes on with another in my native town. November smells like oranges and roasted chestnuts and popcorn and sugar. November smells like pouring rain and grey sky. I love this month that is a bridge between summer and winter, the main part of autumn. For me, this is also the period of time in which I’ve to make my decisions and my English test. I don’t know where I’ll be living next year and which language I’ll be speaking. What I know is the incredible atmosphere of this (perhaps) last November in Italy. And I’m gonna enjoy it ‘til the end.

Acrylic on canvas


Blue, cyano, white. A bit of yellow. That’s pale green. And then all over again.

Seven years ago, I drew a little croissant and a fork plunged into it on canvas. Then, I abandoned it. For years it’s been there, among the magazines I wrote for and the books I still have to read. Yesterday, I surprised myself thinking “The day’s come to finish what I’ve started”. And I’ve done it. I’ve searched for my acrylics and the brushes, I’ve set the palette, I’ve started painting. It was midnight. My mum has looked at me, still in her nightdress, and she’s said: “You’re completely fool”, which is actually true. I’ve carried on painting until 2 am. Then, I’ve washed the colours out of the palette, I’ve washed my hands and looked at the almost finished plunged-into-heart brioche. Seven years to complete it, but now I’m really satisfied. So it’s true: the time always comes to complete what you’ve once thought of. Sometimes it’s a matter of a couple of days, sometimes it’s a matter of years, but the time will come. Now, my hands are green with acrylics and I’m sleepy but it doesn’t matter. I’ve finished what I’ve started. That is always a good way to spend your days.

Translating Time


This fall day begins with two black jackets, one upon the other, and a new reason to be happy. More than One, actually. I’m translating two Books into Italian language and this is wonderful, I gonna dance all day long. The first One is a novel from a series by Sky Corgan and I’m translating it From english to Italian. The second One is still a secret but I can say that it’s a French novel by One of The greatest French novelist of all times and I still can’t believe it. For the next weeks, I’ll be spending my Time reading and translating, reading and translating, until my eyes won’t fail me. But it’s my great opportunity to do what I really want to do and to practice English and French at my best. Concerning The books I gonna review here, The next two ones will be “Pictures From Italy” by Charles Dickens, old chap, and “The danish girl” by David Ebershoff. Have you read them? What do you think?

Happy thursday everybody!

Coffee: Home to go, thank u


I’ve always loved coffee, perhaps because it’s been part of my education. When I was a little child, my mother used to make me taste some of her coffee, even if with a lot of Sugar, of course. I grew up with that smell that suddenly became the smell of my home and affections, The smell of love and care. It was the smell that fulfilled my grandparents’ home when they woke up at 4 o’clock after their afternoon rest and I was waiting for them to come in The kitchen, playing with my drawings and my puzzles. And then, when I was at high school, The time of coffee meant The beginning of my homeworks, but it was in such a way comforting. My mother, my father and I, all together at The kitchen table, drinking Coffee as a family From the movies. Besides, there were The summer holidays and all that little cafés where We spent our Time together and every stranger place suddenly became just like Home. That’s what I meant when I’ve said that coffee was part of my education.

Now that I’m 24 and I spend a lot of time alone and I’m gonna leave my country, Coffee is my Home-to-Go. Wherever I am, I carry my Home and my family with me. And I have to thank my parents because That’s their most important gift.

Autumn, love of my heart


I love seasons. I love the way they follow one another just like they’re dancing with no rest. Every season has its meaning and its power and that’s the reason why I really can’t stand people saying “I can’t wait for summer/fall/winter to come”. Just live. Live what it’s meant to be lived. Live summer and dive into the sea, have fun on the beach, take a perfect tun, organize a bonfire party at night. And then, when all that arrives to an end, don’t regret it. A new season is come and it has to be lived. I believe in the circle of life and I believe in nature and That’s why I think that each season has to be appreciated just The way it is. It’s fall, guys. Let’s cook pumpkins, drink hot tea, read a new Book in bed. Let’s take life The way it is. And here it comes The pouring rain to wash summer away. And here it comes Halloween with its wonderful opportunity to be a child again. Let’s wear orange and brown dresses, Let’s change The iTunes playlist. Life is a dance with no rest, so Let’s dance ‘til The end.