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Do things before you’re ready


I’m not disappeared into a puffed, light-blue cloud. It’s just that my IELTS test is approaching and I’m just… panicking. I can write, yes, I think I can do it. And I can read and listen to the records (although the latter makes me incredibly anxious). But the speaking? That’s my real problem. Speaking is something you usually practice with English-speaking people, but I live in Italy and it’s not so easy to find someone who can talk to you in a foreign language and, most of all, who WANTS to spend his time with you like that. So, I’m panicking. I don’t know if I can pass this exam and I don’t know if I’ve the necessary skills. Apart from that, life goes on as usual. I spend my mornings playing the piano in conservatory (I should graduate next year) and I’m perfectionning my PhD research proposal. I’m reading Brave New World by Aldous Huxley (we’ll have time to talk about that) and I’m trying to reduce the pile of magazines standing on the floor like a paper tower. Most of all, I’m writing. I’ve subscribed to the #NaNoWriMo and I’m writing my novel-in-a-month. This year I’m writing into Italian language, but I’ve sweared that next year I’ll try to do it in English. Can I do that? I don’t know but, as wise people say, “do things before you’re ready”.


November fair


Here where I live, in this little town in the south of Italy, November is the month with the highest number of fairs. It starts with a big fair in a little town next to mine and it goes on with another in my native town. November smells like oranges and roasted chestnuts and popcorn and sugar. November smells like pouring rain and grey sky. I love this month that is a bridge between summer and winter, the main part of autumn. For me, this is also the period of time in which I’ve to make my decisions and my English test. I don’t know where I’ll be living next year and which language I’ll be speaking. What I know is the incredible atmosphere of this (perhaps) last November in Italy. And I’m gonna enjoy it ‘til the end.

A book, a girl, an email


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I promised I’d have been writing a post everyday, but yesterday I passed and I don’t even know why. Okay, it’s not true, I know why: I’ve passed all day reading a book written by a friend of mine, one of my best ones. He’s a writer, even if he hasn’t published his works yet, and I really love him and so it’s my duty and pleasure to read his drafts. I forgot to say I’m an editor, so this is my work, after all. I’ve been reading all day long and the book has really captured me. It’s wonderful and it has to be published and I’ll do everything I can to make it possible.

Coming back to the main topic: I’ve received the email I was waiting for. It’s from the Irish university I wish to apply to, and I’m really happy they have answered me. Now, I know what to do next:

  • translating my research in english and make someone check it
  • contacting a hypothetical supervisor
  • contacting someone at the Italian Studies

Okay, so that’s all. I’ve a direction to follow, and that’s GREAT. Now, I’ll go back reading my Book of Spells by Kate Brian. I wish I can tell you more about it soon.